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Supply chain management - Case Studies

A major producer of beverages for a range of supermarkets has employed Aceona to manage all of the import distribution to their facility in the North of England. In the current climate, switching traffic to rail enables an average annual saving of some 30% equating to a £80k+ bottom line contribution. In addition, use of rail has enabled the company to fulfill its desire to reduce its carbon footprint, estimated at some 66% saving in CO 2 . Micro-management has also reduced quay rent and detention charges.
An importer of chemicals has also opted for the supply chain management offered by Aceona, using rail transport wherever possible and this has produced an average per unit saving of around 25%.
An importer of heavyweight landscaping products uses Aceona to manage traffic moved by rail from a number of UK ports and this has produced transport savings of nearly 38%.
A shipping line switched to Aceona from a third party carrier for the management of bulk materials into a manufacturing process in Yorkshire. Aceona's micro-management approach to the UK supply chain has resulted in not only a more streamlined distribution process but the number of deliveries per day into the facility has been increased by up to 300%, meaning less cash tied up in stocks for the manufacturer and higher margins for the haulier.
A shipping and forwarding company saves around 20% per consignment by contracting its UK distribution on certain business flows to Aceona.
A very large global plastics company approached Aceona for advice on supply chain improvements - especially the reduction of stock holding - and cost reduction. Aceona took a completely fresh approach to the methods of distribution and the type of equipment used and put forward recommendations that would not only reduce stock holding by a significant margin, but also secure annual cost savings of seven figures!
Aceona has been the shipper of choice for an Australian environmental products company seeking to market its products globally. Each project has been different in terms of the product being sold and therefore the method of delivery, and equipment used has needed careful consideration in each case. In one case, this has resulted in an innovative method for retaining solids in suspension during transportation in line with end user manufacturing requirements. Aceona's ability to negotiate keen equipment prices and transport/shipping rates has enabled there customer to meet the cost and supply chain requirements of the market place for these products with the result that business growth has been dramatic.
A company keen to exploit the market for power generation from bio-fuels approached Aceona to discuss the sourcing and transportation of the raw materials both nationally and internationally. In-depth knowledge of both the equipment and product markets enabled it to propose a multi-modal and handling solution that would increase loadings to the power station by 25%, which would secure identified cost savings of around £10k per week.

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